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Bromeliad Bouquet
Bromeliads in the Green House

COLOUR Red bracts with 1-3 green grass-like leaves.
VASE LIFE 2-4 weeks for flower & leaves
LENGTH 30 - 80 cm
SEASON November - July

Red Dragon
A Bromeliad Cut Flower From New Zealand

The bromeliad Red Dragon is a novel cut flower produced only in New Zealand. Some of its many unique characteristics include:
  • A strong, structural form. The upright green stems bear a flower head of bright red bracts. Stems are packed with 1-3 shiny green leaves attached. Stems are strong and will not droop.
  • Very long vase life. Flowers, stem, and leaves can maintain vigour and colour from two to four weeks.
  • Seasonality. Red Dragon is available from November
    through July. With its strong red and green colouring,
    this makes it ideal for Autumn and Winter displays,
    as well as the specific flower-buying occasions of
    Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year,
    Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
  • Range of sizes. Red Dragon comes in a range
    of sizes which make it suitable for any type of
    floral design, from a posy bowl to a major display.
    It is available in lengths of 30 cm (posy size) up
    to 80cm stems. Flower heads are proportional to
    the length of the stem.
  • High quality. Each stem is hand-picked and
    processed, with quality criteria being enforced
    throughout the process. Packaging is meticulous
    so as to ensure you receive product in premium
Boxes of Red Dragon can be purchased through
your New Zealand flower exporter.