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Red Dragon is exclusively owned and produced by the Malbec Partnership. Its principals are the New Zealand companies of Maloy Nurseries Ltd and West Coast Orchids Ltd. The development of Red Dragon into a unique cut flower has been assisted by research grants from Technology New Zealand and Trade & Enterprise New Zealand.

Maloy Nurseries LtdMaloy Nurseries Ltd specialises in a wide range of bromeliads, many of which are from its in-house breeding and hybridising programmes. The two directors are Andrew and Rhonda Maloy. Andrew received horticulture training in Scotland and London prior to moving to New Zealand. He has extensive knowledge of plant propagation and nursery production. Maloy Nurseries produces and sells bromeliad plants internationally.

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West Coast Orchids Ltd West Coast Orchids Ltd is a premium cut flower producer. Currently it produces Cymbidium orchids and the Red Dragon bromeliad. The directors of West Coast Orchids are Drs Dave and Nancy Beck. Dave has lab- and field-based technical skills, with a focus on the identification of plant diseases and the development of novel methods for eliminating them, including high-health tissue culture, molecular biology, and genetic transformation. Nancy has practical field-based skills in areas of greenhouse technology, plant protection, modification of environmental parameters to ensure high plant health, use of agrichemicals and alternate technologies, and botany.